sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

Rolling waves

Not even mercury can measure the way my blood reacts to the temperature in the room when you're present.
Maybe thats why mathematics dont seem to work with you; how you simply defy gravity just by standing on your feet.

And I, relentless, try to understand how you constantly break all rules of physics.
Just in that way, by failing, I understand that you simply dont obey nature, nature obeys you.
Nature wasnt your creator, it was, and is, your accomplice.

It is in your power when to shine as bright as the stars, the same way you do to lead the way for simple humans like me.
You know when to be rain, when to be storm, when to be a lightning in the eyes.

Flowers aren't able to shed the scent you exhale by waking up.
The breeze is not as refreshing as the slightest touch of your hair upon my face.
And the ocean, the ocean tries to sooth the ear with its rolling waves the way you do while you breathe.

I cannot fight nature, therefore I cannot fight you; maybe I just dont want to. 
Instead, i just forget what ive learned, and obey nature. 
Cause that way, i obey you; hoping you stay with me for as long as the fury and power of nature can be held.